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Stitching Series

Stitching Series

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Shoe-head Tightening Machine

Name:Shoe-head Tightening Machine


1, the simple mechanical control of the expansion joint.

2, by operating the machine with the device in the vicinity of the needle bar means the pressure switch, you can freely convert to any preset two expansion joint specifications.

3, using the variable top feed, and poor delivery of the flat under the car, and accompanied by: Automatic presser foot lifter - aside device - reinforced with the rack shaft

4, the reinforcement tape and suture, can be installed in the charge by the foot above the hook knife to hand and easy to be snapped.

5, can be complex contraction joint projects to be simplified and consistent access to high quality and precision of the expansion joint effect.

6, simple operation and sewing of a good time, can significantly reduce costs.


1, the maximum sewing speed: 2,000 stitches / minute

2, the basic stitch: 2mm

3, the maximum contraction joint Stitch: 8mm

4, the use of needles: DPx17, # 16 ~ # 19

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