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Glue-smearing Series

Glue-smearing Series

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CS-701Glue Smearing Machine for Thermally Meltable Glue

Name:CS-701Glue Smearing Machine for Thermally Meltable Glue


   This model applies to footwear, leather goods, paper, jewelry, building materials, sports equipment and other industries use plastic to replace the self-adhesive.


1, with a safety design to prevent the involvement of the hand roller, to prevent material being involved in the work of plastic storage tank.

2, coating design per customer requirements design width, wheel size from 30-300mm choices.

3, Ke Yi coating width of the design work requirements, plastic tank and wheel can be independent temperature control.

4, the motor with stepless variable vain convenient size of the materials used.

5 out of plastic: dot, strip, mesh, plastic coated side of operations.

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