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Glue-smearing Series

Glue-smearing Series

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CS-901Strong Glue Smearing Machine(Hard Roll)

Name:CS-901Strong Glue Smearing Machine(Hard Roll)

Performance and Characteristics:

1, for the thickness of 0.3mm or more, usually leather, bag leather heel, midsole, insole, board, sports equipment or materials on a variety of soft plastic used.

2, small size, space, power just use 1 / 2 horsepower, simple operation, do not have skilled operator.

3, glue and closed automatically tighten the plastic recycling plant room to worry about distributing or dry put glue.

4, the plastic volume can be adjusted even moderate, to ensure adhesion on average, increased tension.

5, save the plastic volume and manpower, improve quality, reduce cost, excellent performance, durable.

6, automatic glue non-stick material edge, maintaining a clean and beautiful.

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