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Oil Pressure Series

Oil Pressure Series

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CS-817Automatic-Locating Universal Hydraulic Sole-Attaching M/C

Name:CS-817Automatic-Locating Universal Hydraulic Sole-Attaching M/C



1, The machine adopts full hydraulic design, pressure, fitting firmly.

2, down, side and front and rear tightening custody, can be completed, can also be done individually, it is flat, while package and special package edge design shoes, can be applied, a machine with three high economic efficiency.

3, 0 to 18 for shoes, non-normal pressure for bladder wall and the end of machine can be compared.

4, using a specially designed multi-branch close-packed-type hydraulic cylinder, in line with shoes, irregular contour edge, while the compressive side of the fine balance of results and no dead ends.

5, the bar in common design, the sole on the pressure at the end when the uniform force, no gap; bar automatic sliding positioning design, the shoes of the pick and place convenient to non-blocking, can increase productivity, and not by the upper loss, so in addition to general footwear, the system regardless of length or half-length system shoes, also easy to operate, and the results also practical.

6, easy maintenance, parts replacement easier, save time and improve efficiency.


1, mechanical dimensions: 1200x1280x1920mm

2, packing size: 1320x1320x2150mm

3, the daily output: 2000Pairs/8Hr

4, net weight: 1300kgs

5, GW: 1500ks

6, HP: 3HP

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